Get Sales From Your Events

Data collection is a huge topic in most businesses that use events to promote their products or services.

Trade shows, State Fairs and on-location product launches, are some of the tactics that are used to connect with prospects, and getting accurate and complete information from the attendees is the key to a successful event.

If you don’t get good responses, you spend the next few days back at the office explaining why you spent so much money on a big expense report.

Data is data, but it’s what you do with that data that really matters, and I have been in so many situations where we collect thousands of names and when you get back to the office that’s when the work begins.

1. Data entry
2. Data integration ( email, Text etc…)
3. Campaign development ( Follow Up)

How many times have you been at an event and you have looked out on the floor, or into the crowd and wondered which individual will be your next “diamond” client?

In today’s interview ( see link ) on our “Texas Business Bites Audio Series” we talk to Peter Ford, VP of Interactive Solutions at SCA Promotions and we learn about a solution that can increase the number of prospect profiles you can collect on-site, drive a fun and engaging event, integrate in real-time text or email for instant follow up, and import the data directly into your centralized database.

You can listen to the interview and get more information by visiting: